It doesn’t matter whether you are technology friendly or not. You must surely be aware in the layman terms that what a virus actually is. It is a kind of an infectious agent which can corrupt or damage any system. When a virus enters a human body, it can affect the system and can lead to its damage if proper medication and care are not taken. A kind of a similar thing happens when a technical device gets attacked by a virus or malware (Malicious software). The attack can lead to the corruption of the data or the system. Many hackers also try to steal your personal information with the help of malware. Whenever you browse any website that is not trusted or download apps and open up pop up ads, the malware can enter the system via these unknown and untrusted services and can cause real trouble for the computing device. And this where an anti-virus program comes into play. An anti-virus works like this. It would look for the data (you may browse and that is transferred to your device) in web pages, applications, emails, documents, etc. and would search for any threat and would immediately remove or block the suspicious content.

When it comes to talking about anti-virus software, then Norton Anti-virus works offers a solution that is regarded as the most effective and robust application and provides a 5 layer of anti-virus protection. There are many equipped features of this software, enabling it to become one of the best and top leading anti-virus program in the market. It protects and shields your device from malware and virus and gives a tough time to the hackers in stealing your personal information. The software uses one of the most widely known cyber intelligent networks. It becomes really important to download Norton Anti-Virus software in your system, so as to make your device protected from all kinds of miscellaneous threats. Whenever you download Norton Anti-virus, there can be some issues that can come in the downloading and installing process, and you must know how to fix it. You can read ahead to have a hang of some downloading errors and how they can be resolved

Fix problems downloading Norton

  • Uninstall the Norton Anti-virus from your system.
  • Go to the official website of Norton, and download the program using proper method and procedure.
  • Once downloaded, sign in into the software by adding your login credentials.
  • Agree on the terms and conditions, and make sure that download the software having an active subscription and is not in the trial period.
  • If you do not have a product key to register into the account, choose the option of ‘Enter a new product key to continue’
  • Once downloaded, follow the prompts and install Norton Anti-Virus software in the device again.
If the given issue persists, and the downloading process of Norton Anti-Virus stops in between, then you must employ the given steps. You would be required to delete the Windows temporary files, and after that, you can download Norton Anti-Virus in the system again.
  • Stop the work that you are doing on your computing device and exit all the programs or tabs that have been opened.
  • Return back to your desktop screen and make sure that no work is being currently done in the system.
  • Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows and R key together
  • In the dialog box that was opened type, ‘%temp%’
  • Press enter and the temporary folder will open in Windows Explorer
  • Go to Edit Menu>Select All>Delete.
This issue can arise when you are trying to install the outdated version of Norton or when your web browser is not upgraded. If you receive this issue while trying to download Norton Anti-Virus on Windows 10, then you should keep in mind to download and install the latest version of Norton, as the outdated and the old version may not be supported on the Windows 10 version.
To get past this issue you would have to download and run the Norton Removal Tool. The steps on how to use the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool has been given below: If by any chance you have Norton Family installed on your system, you would have to uninstall it before you run the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • First thing to be done is to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool. You can download this from the official website of Norton Antivirus
  • After downloading is complete, open the download window on your browser. You can open it using the Ctrl+J command
  • After opening the download window, double click on the NRnr icon
  • The license agreement would be displayed, read the agreement and the select the ‘Agree’ option
  • Now select Advanced Options.
  • Now you will have to choose the ‘remove only’ option
  • After this another command prompt would be displayed, select the remove option.
  • After completing the previous step, you will now have to select the ‘Restart Now’ option that is being displayed.
  • After the system restarts, you must follow the onscreen instructions to install Norton Anti-Virus again
The solution for this issue may vary depending upon different scenario. The different situations which would lead to this error are when you:
  • Reinstall the Norton product on the same device
  • Add a new device and try to transfer subscription from an old device
  • Utilize a different Norton Subscription
  • Use a new device and while trying to upgrade you subscription
If you come across a similar situation, it is suggested that you get in touch with the Norton Customer Support. They would further provide guidance for the issue you are facing.
After selecting the ‘Agree & Download’ option, a file would be downloaded on your computer. Now you have open the download window and double click on the downloaded file. If you could not locate and double click the file, proceed with one of the given options depending upon the browser you are using
  • Internet Explorer: Find and select ‘Tools’  ‘View Downloads’ option. Further in the view download window, right next to the Norton file you would be able to find the ‘Run’ option and click on that
  • Firefox or Safari:
    On the top right corner of your browser window you would be able to find a down arrow, select that to view the downloaded files. Then locate the Norton file that you had downloaded and double click on it.
  • Chrome: On the top right corner of you browser, find and select the ‘Customize and Control’ button and then click on ‘Downloads’. Further in the download page, select the Norton file that you had downloaded.
There are also very high chances that the install window is hid behind the other windows that are open. It is suggested that you minimize all the other windows and find the install window.

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