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Norton Antivirus is a software which has been seen to be well harmonious with Windows 10. Even then there come situations where the users encounter various issues while using the antivirus software on Windows 10. While in such a situation the best option that the users would primarily have is to connect with Norton Antivirus Tech Support Number. This would enable the users to solve any issue that they would face while using the software. They users can also go through the blog to understand the possible situations which they might have to come across.

Common Errors Faced by the users

When users upgrade to Windows 10, and they are not able to find Norton
When the users come across the malfunction where they are unable to find Norton after having upgraded to Windows 10, the steps that they can take up to tackle this issue is as follows:

  • You would first have to download Norton’s Fix Tool.
  • After the tool has been downloaded, right click on the .exe file and then choose to run it as Administrator.
  • You would then be informed that an updated version of Norton has to be installed in your system.
  • You can then simply follow the on-screen instructions to solve the issue.

The issue of having upgraded to Windows 10 and not being able to launch Norton
If you come across the problem where you are unable to start Norton, then you can easily rectify this issue by taking up the below-given solution:

  • You would have to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool first
  • Then download click on the tool’s icon, after which you would have to agree to the license conditions.
  • Then access the tool and press on ‘Continue.’
  • Once the analysis is complete, you can then choose the option of ‘Restart Now.’
  • After the reboot process is complete, you can simply follow the on-screen information to re-install the software.

The issue of encountering the error code 8506,421 and 3039, 65559
If you find that you have come across the error code 8506,421 and 3039, 65559, then the steps that you would have to undertake in order to solve this issue is as given below:

  • Start the troubleshooting process by restarting your computer.
  • Now you would have to run the Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool and then follow all the instructions which are given to you on-screen.
  • Once you have successfully uninstalled the software from your system, reinstall it by downloading it from their official website.
  • Now you would have to check whether the issue has been solved or not.
  • If you find that the issue has not been rectified, then you must download and run the Norton Power Eraser.

The steps that need to be taken up for this process is as given below:

  • Double click on the NPE.exe file that you have downloaded.
  • Further click on the option of ‘Yes or Continue,’ you would then receive a license agreement which you would have to accept.
  • Now in the Norton Power Eraser, select the option of ‘Unwanted Application Scan.’
  • Once the scan has been completed, follow the on-screen instructions and uninstall.
  • Once you are done with the above-given steps, reboot your system.

These are the most efficient ways in which the users can solve any issue which they would come across while using Norton Antivirus on Windows 10. In case you require more assistance, you can swiftly connect with Norton Antivirus Contact Number and talk to trained professionals regarding your issue.

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