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The Norton Toolbar works as an Internet security tool and has the feature to protect the web browser from hacks and threats that can occur due to browsing malicious websites. The toolbar cannot be downloaded separately or added on as an extension in web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Once you download and install the Norton Internet security and Norton 360 in your system, this tool gets automatically installed along with it. It authenticates the website for use and also has the feature to store the login information of the sites that are frequently visited. The Norton Toolbar can only be installed in the Windows Operating system and the latest version of this software stays compatible with the versions 8, 9, 10 and 11. Even though the toolbar is installed along with the Norton Internet security, but it can sometimes go missing. This blog will help you to understand the procedure to recover missing Norton Toolbar in Internet Explorer. The process of recovery can be done in two methods, and both the procedures are provided below. You can have a glance over them and use it as per your convenience. If required, you may also get in touch with the skilled technicians at Antivirus Support Number and get their guidance and assistance.

How to recover it by running the live update?

  • Navigate to Norton Internet security icon and open it.
  • Once opened, you can view ‘My Norton’ window which would be just adjacent to the Device Security. Open the window.
  • Now select the option of ‘Security’, and then choose ‘Live Update’
  • The live update will start running and once the process has been completed, hit enter
  • Till the time you don’t see a message stating, ‘Your Norton product has the latest protection updates’, you need to continuously run the Live Updates
  • Once done, close the program and shut down the computer. Restart the system
  • This will help you to restore the missing Norton Toolbar in Internet Explorer.
  • How to enable the Norton Toolbar in Internet Explorer?

    • Start the system and open the Internet Explorer
    • Navigate to tools and then to Manage Add-ons
    • You will be able to see a list of add on’s that have been recently loaded. Select the option of Norton Toolbar.
    • Check the status, and if it is showing disabled, just enable it.
    • Once done, close the internet explorer and again restart it.

    The above-given methods will surely help you to resolve the query of Norton Toolbar missing from Internet Explorer. If the given guidelines do not work due to any internal issues, then you can take the help from the Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number who stay put at all 24 hours.

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